That's me. Up there. Damian Scott, a copywriter and creative concepts person. Now you'd expect me to write something engaging, witty and interesting about myself. But I can't do. Just can't. Tried. Time and again. I can do it for other people. That comes naturally. But when the subject of my prose is my own abilities as a copywriter, well, it all goes to pot. It's like a hairdresser's own hair.  Or maybe not. Maybe that's a bad analogy. See, I can't tell. 
Anyway, I'm a copywriter and creative concepts professional. But I've said that already. Freelance! Didn't tell you that yet. I've been a Creative Director in various agencies but now I'm solo and flying free. 
Need some great copy or sassy ideas for a campaign? For direct mail? Radio commercial script? Web or brochure copy? Want a zippy strapline? A brand or product name inventing? A 'tone of voice' workshop running or TOV guideline document producing? Then get in touch. And take a look at my work here on this website. 
OK, that's it. Can't think of anything else. But I probably will later, when I'm in the pub or taking a bath. That always happens. But then I'll have forgotten it by the time I get to my laptop. Mainly because my head is so full of ideas and clever lines for all my other important clients and ad agencies. 
Or maybe just because I'm rubbish at writing about myself. 
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